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Photo Gallery Of Bar. Festus Adebayo

Barrister Festus Adebayo is the Chief Executive Officer of Fesadeb Communications Limited, the Founder and Convener of Abuja Housing Show

Babatunde FasholaMallam Ibrahim AliyuFestus Adebayo
Majority of the estates are not occupied due to inadequate infrastructure, which discourages people who are interested in owning property
Babatunde Fashola
Minister of Power, Works & Housing
In terms of infrastructure, there is no single city in the country that can boast of adequate water supply. An economy with over 15% inflation, mortgage finance will always be high even over 20%. Innovation is key to housing infrastructure development and professionals are to ensure 100% provision and management of the country’s infrastructure.
Mallam Ibrahim Aliyu
CEO – Urban Shelter
Housing affordability is an expression of the social and material experiences of people, constituted as households, in relation to their individual housing situations. Affordability expresses the challenge each household faces in balancing the cost of its actual or potential housing and its non-housing expenditures, within the constraints of its income.
Festus Adebayo
Founder of Abuja Housing Show

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